Our thanks go to:

all the participants in ICDMT – Alamir Correa, Aline Frederico, Anna Nacher, Claire Dean, Corin Depper, Dali Osepashvili, Devon Schiller, Eleonora Acerra, Erika Fülöp, Fernanda Bonacho, Hannah Ackermans, Isabela Parada, John Barber, Keyvan Allahyari,  Lucile Haute, Muhammad Faisal Cheema, Nathan Jones, Otso Huopaniemi, Raphaela Knipp, Serafina Aquilino, Søren Pold, Suria Scapin, Yan Zheng, Ylva Sommerland;

the six keynote speakers: Prof. Carlos Reis, Prof. Dene Grigar, Prof. Joseph Tabbi, Prof. Manuel Portela, Prof. María Mencía, Prof. Scott Rettberg;

the scientific committee for ensuring ICDMT’s academic quality: Dr. António Sousa Ribeiro, Dr. Chiao-I Tseng, Dr. Espen Aarseth, Dr. Janina Wildfeuer, Dr. John Bateman, Dr. Jorge Martins Rosa, Dr. Maria Goicoechea de Jorge, Dr. María Teresa Vilariño Picos, Dr. Mia Zamora, Dr. Ognyan Seizov, Dr. Osvaldo Silvestre, Dr. Paulo Silva Pereira, Dr. Pedro Serra, Dr. Ricardo Namora, Dr. Sandy Baldwin, Dr. Serge Bouchardon;

the Bremer Institut für transmediale Textualitätsforschung (BITT), specially Dr. Janina Wildfeuer, for all the support;

the president of Electronic Literature Organization, Prof. Dene Grigar;

the director of the Center for Portuguese Literature, Prof. Carlos Reis;

Prof. Manuel Portela, director of the Materialities of Literature Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programme;

Gästehaus Universität Bremen for hosting ICDMT in such a wonderful conference room;

the Unique Café for providing ICDMT with delicious meals;

Uni-Druckerei Bremen and Mr. Helmut Brammer for the wonderful materials;

João Rui, a Jigsaw, for the assistance, conference materials production and support;

the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek (specially Mrs. Anke Winsmann) for hosting the conference’s first moments and the Exhibition “Shapeshifting Texts”.

This conference was linked with an exhibition and and evening of performances. My thanks also go to all the people involved in these events.


Dr. Daniela Côrtes Maduro

Conference Chair